BloodGDX v0.786 (10.01.2018)



1. Menu tweak
2. Background renderer tweak
3. Background texture clamp fix
4. New resource loader for rff support
5. User RFF addons/mods support
6. RFS support for mods
7. Autoload folder for load voxels, music (doesn't working with hires textures yet)
8. Folow mode strafe keys working now
9. Md3 empty frame load fix
10. Zombie roam voice fix
11. Trilinear filter settings fix
12. Autoload CD music for mods: "Blood\[ModName]\cdtrack1-cdtrackXX.ogg
13. Decrease resolution console crash fix
14. Better exception handler
15. Skyboxes resources was deleted, added some examples in bloodgdx.def


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BloodGDX Release v0.794
TekwarGDX Release v0.750
WitchavenGDX Release v0.500





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