BloodGDX v0.787 (16.02.2018)



1. Load zip/rff archives in main folder
2. Hightile texture can load from zip archives now
3. Fixed cutscenes for CWHHROT
4. Mouse digital axis "Move forward" fix
5. Cutscenes palette swap fix
6. Autoload def files in autoload folder
7. Console help command will show all comands
8. TNT Animation fix
9. If external ogg file not found, will play midi song, instead of cd audio.
10. PriorityList(in RX-TX system) memory eat fix and optimization (need to tests)
11. Cutscenes can playing 16bits wav file
12. User episode from zip if map in subfolder fix
13. RFS scripts in zip support
14. RFS script will skip an errors
15. CUE file support for playing cd audio
16. OGG can read from zip now
17. Defs files as INI for user maps
18. Autosave feature
19. Choke Hand blind effect fix
20. Reflective shoots powerup with reverb effect now


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