BloodGDX v0.789 (26.02.2018)



1. RFF/GRP can load from zip archives now (but not recommended, requires a lot of memory)
2. Auto total secrets counter option
3. MultiIni archives support
4. Infinity cheat new game fix
5. Added console key in controls setup
6. Used other ByteArrayInputStream for music (some people haven't music?)
7. Mouse in menu
8. Option for disable X or Y axis in advance axis setup menu
9. Some MidiDevice name encode fix
10. Fixed caleb rendering on minimap in 1280x1024 resolution
11. Texture non-powered of two loader
12. New savegame file format with version check
13. Minor crash fixes


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BloodGDX Release v0.794
TekwarGDX Release v0.750
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