BloodGDX v0.790b (28.04.2018)




I fixed a crash Dassert: nObject >= 0 && nObject < kMaxSprites and updated bloodgdx to v0.790b. Redownload it, if you have this crash.


Attenstion! This version using new savegame format. So if you want to load your saves from v0.789, use v300to301 savefile converter! Place Savconv_300to301.jar in savegame folder and launch it.

1. Fix smooth mouse Y axis
2. Add smooth mouse X axis
3. Joysticks support
4. Calc sound velocity fix (OpenAL Error 40963)
5. New mouse control menu
6. Special keys can set in options now (Quickload / quicksave, show help screen etc.)
7. Load/Save slots increased to 9999
8. Load/Save game delete feature
9. Polymost long sloped surfaces fix
10. Sometimes sound looping is fixed
11. Changed searching algorithm of midi device name in config
12. Corrupt saved game crash protect
13. FAITD autosave after "game over" crash fix
14. Choke hand can be droped on "Extra Crispy" difficulty
15. Breakable glass wall spawn sparks coordinates fix
16. FatZombie GreenPuke method changed
17. AltTesla hitself damage fix
18. Watcom's qsort algorithm for demo sync
19. aiTentacle search animation fix
20. Zombie underwater burning time fix
21. Enemies can't push sector fix
22. AiGhost fix
23. AIRat search time decrease
24. AIBoneEEL fix
25. SEQ HashMap instead of array[16384]
26. LifeLeech algorithm 1.00 -> 1.21 (decreased damage)
27. Cutscenes path fix in zip file when placed in game directory
28. Infinite ammo cheat will not reset in next level
29. Custom level nDifficult and enemies damage are united
30. Crouch_toggle key, Last_weapon switch key
31. Switch music after load game fix
32. Polymost_drawpoly freeze fix
33. Cutscenes empty file load fix
34. AkimboFire check ammo fix
35. Underwater dynamite change fix
36. Underwater tinyCaleb AI fix
37. TeslaCultist duck fix
38. Playable demos from original v1.21 game


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