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Hi! Thank you very much for this amazing source port! I discovered this thanks to MetroidJunkie YouTube channel! I can play Witchaven like a real game! Any plans to support Witchaven 2!? :D

Sunday, 26 May 2019 10:15

Yeah, I'm planning to make support of WH2 too  

Sunday, 26 May 2019 17:01
Hello! Anybody home?? Can't find any URL. Thank you!
Saturday, 25 May 2019 16:33
Christian Rondeau


I'm a big fan of Redneck Rampage!

I'm sooo exited to be able to play again, without any bugs at all for now!!!

Even on MAC/PC!!!

The only thing I saw is I'm unable to play Multiplayer game with more than 2 players...

2 Players is really fine!!

Is there any restrictions about that?

Thanks again!!!

Monday, 20 May 2019 14:05

No, the multiplayer should work with more than 2 players too. What happens when you try playing with more players?

Sunday, 26 May 2019 06:51
Christian Rondeau

When I start the game it Hangs on "Entering Taylor Town" On Server.

Clients seen to start the Game, but "in the sky", unable to move at all!

1 or 2 players are fine, but hangs at 3

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 20:05
Christian Rondeau

Thanks for reply!

I setup the Multiplayer Game (Redneck Rampage)

(Note that I tried all 3 versions of RR with same results)

I choose 3 players...

the 2 other players Join correctly, but as soon as I start a Game, on server it hang at "Entering Taylor Town" And on Client it act like the Game is started BUT it seem that the player is "in the sky" and nothing works except Menu (I can't move at all!)

I tried many configurations, differents computers, Even your old version 1.02...

I also tried to select different Senarios for the Game... Same bug!

Really strange!

Note that If I play 1 or 2 players, it plays just wonderfully!!!

Please help!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 20:07

i love this port, please compile APK for android ;)

Sunday, 19 May 2019 21:48

I can, but it will be very slow, without touch controls and without sounds.

Sunday, 26 May 2019 06:55

Thanks for fast answer but still have no cd audio music. I tried everything already. What do i wrong ?

Sunday, 19 May 2019 16:58

Mac version please

Sunday, 19 May 2019 10:56

The track names are correct now, and they are in game folder but still have no cd audio music. What do i wrong ?

Sunday, 19 May 2019 08:29

Hi, many thanks for this amazing port and your hard work. Now my life is complete :). Where should i put tekwar audio files to play audio cd in game ?(i ripped them from my cd to track02.ogg, track03.ogg, track04.ogg and track05.ogg). I can't manage it to play cd audio. In blood and redneck audio cd plays correctly. One more thing, can you put an option to choose between redneck and redneck 2 from the launcher?

Saturday, 18 May 2019 08:09

Track files should be placed in the game folder. (OGG file format is supported) Then you need to choose CD Audio in the audio settings. It should work.

Ah, files called "Track_02.ogg" Try to rename it


About RR and RA, I will think

Saturday, 18 May 2019 08:40



What do you think about nblood? How does it compare to GDX?

Also there is port for RR called Rednukem by the same guy who made nblood, what do you think about this? How does it compare to GDX one?

In gdx rr sometimes when I shoot from pistol I have problem with it's animation, I can literally see it's floating above the bottom line of screen, I didn't had it in dos rr, what cause it?



Thursday, 16 May 2019 14:52

Jimmeh's quote: Both are great imo. GDX is a little more user friendly, NBlood is a little more visually accurate. Both are so accurate that they can run demos without desyncing and play out like they're supposed to


About RR: I need more information, I didn't notice something wrong with the animation

Saturday, 18 May 2019 08:42

I found an oversight with the custom difficulty: the "enemy quantity" and "enemy health" slider is swapped. That is, increasing the enemy quantity slider will actually increase the health of the enemies.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 21:40

It's fixed in my new release

Friday, 17 May 2019 08:37
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