hi m210,

this isn't the first time that i write in your gestbook, everytime i thanks to you to make blood playable in are doing an amazing work! 

Today I want to ask you something:

is it possible launch this mod compilation (link below) with bloodCM or BloodGDX.

Thanks again for your work!

Monday, 08 January 2018 15:52

This server too slow, I haven't 6 hours for download it. Well, what's your problem? BloodGDX supports all mods/addons for Blood

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 11:16

hi m210,

thanks for reply; with my question i mean if is it possible to use this compilation of mods with blood GDX; this compilation of mod has a very good GUI, unfortunally when I use it everyhings start with dosbox...I don't want dosbox, I want bloodGDX! 

Anyway how can I use a mod in bloodGDX?

If you are a big Blood's fan ( and I think you are a great fun ) I raccomand you to download that link because is a very good compilation.


Tuesday, 09 January 2018 13:55

Ok, I downloaded it from other server.

So, Place "game" folder in Blood folder and launch what you want in User content menu in BloodGDX. 

Released version (0.785) doesn't support user's RFF archive, but I will release a new version soon with RFF support. 

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 18:01

Wow, this is amazing - I can play Blood at 120fps in 1080p!

However, I am wondering if you will be able to fix the cutscenes not loading with an update in the future, that and I have no sound in menus... Will this be fixable someday?

Also I am a huge fan of Nvidia 3d vision - is there any possibility of adding support for quadbuffered 3d like gzdoom has?

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into this! it plays and looks so much better than it ever could have in the crappy default dosbox!

Sunday, 31 December 2017 01:17


everytime I start the game every options change I made just reset to default (resolution, controls set) and the "load game" option doesn´t work. Can you please give me a advise what to do? 

I have a One Unit Whole Blood (GOG version) and BloodGDX Release v0.785.

Thank you for your answer.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 18:05

I never heard about such problems

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 07:14

Thx for your masterpiece:)

If it's possible plz add a toggle option for crouch.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017 11:22

Are you mean hold crouching button? O_o Why?

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 15:22

I'm used to it

If it's difficult , forget it. 

Ty for your attention.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 11:20

Damn, you're doing a nice job over here. Congrats

Monday, 25 December 2017 20:34

Thanks for the new version. Merry christmas to you.


Monday, 25 December 2017 12:15


I tested version 784 in linux and music is playing ok but when I want to open first doors in e1l1 then game is freeze.

Friday, 15 December 2017 19:15

Try to disable openal driver in sound settings

Saturday, 16 December 2017 08:55

no, I just tried it does not work either


Saturday, 16 December 2017 14:00

the last working version without this for me is 782

I can open the doors ans go further

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 03:25

Email me (to address from readme.txt). I will try to understand, whats wrong

Thursday, 21 December 2017 03:13


I am sorry for not writing back earlier I was having rough time in my job.

my previous message should be

"I can open the doors however i can't go any further as the game freezes and I have to kill the process manually"

Ok I am going to send you log files shortly.


Saturday, 23 December 2017 01:40

На последней 0.784 версии пробежался по своим "проблемным" местам и ... у меня нет больше вопросов и пожеланий, фактически порт преодолел "детские" болезни, осталась шлифовка.
Из нового конечно порадовал суппорт для ogg-музыки - теперь в игре прямо на карте можно переключиться на любой из 3-х вариантов, супер! Текст в консоли через ini-файл можно увеличить до читаемых размеров - тоже хорошо!
Но если на перспективу - некоторые мудреные аддоны типа "Alone In The Dark" и "Bloody Pulp Fiction" используют свои модели-воксели предметов, оружия и т.д. и можно ли будет сделать фокус с загрузкой пользовательских DAT и RFF-файлов, также как вы сумели сделать для ART-файлов?
Спасибо за этот шикарный порт!

Thursday, 14 December 2017 14:45

Загрузку rff сделать можно, но сложнее. Систему загрузки скорее всего я буду вводить  постепенно, нужно будет переписать два класса работы с файлами и ресурмами. Ну и надо подумать как лучше реализовать

Thursday, 14 December 2017 16:07

How to enable music ingame?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 22:48

I don't know....really

Thursday, 14 December 2017 14:08

It's weird. When using "cd audio" or "external" I hear this music (very silent)

but when I use "midi" no music. I would like use the same music like in this video:

How to do that?

Thursday, 14 December 2017 17:43

I've been waiting for a source port like this for years! Love what you've done so far, amazing work.

Just a quick suggestion - I've recently been playing Dusk and I love the pixellation/low color options. Low color reduces the color depth to 256 colors, so you get that kind of grungey look with the lighting synonymous with 90s FPSs. Pixellation reduces the render resolution without affecting the game resolution, which is great for running the game at your monitor's native resolution while giving a clean low-res look.

Again, amazing port. Didn't expect you to implement OGG support so soon! Thanks a ton

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 10:21
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