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Description and FAQ (27.04.2017)



BuildGDX is a port of the Build Engine games based on Java's LibGDX framework v1.9.10.

Currently, it supports Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, Witchaven, TekWar, and Powerslave/Exhumed. I'm planning to port Shadow Warrior, Withcaven2 and maybe Legend of the Seven Paladins in the future releases.


Q: Where is the Bloodgdx download?

A: BloodGDX is a part of BuildGDX now. Just download it and choose the Blood folder to play it.

Q: Is it related to the stone gargoyle crouching bug? Can that be fixed

A: Maybe I can, but it will be not a "Blood" gargoyle, so I will not fix such bugs at the time. Maybe in the long-long future. 

Q: Is there a way for us peons to donate to the cause?

A: I have donate button in my site ( there is a Paypal button in the lower right corner of the site (under random screenshots)

Q: Is there going to have any Dynamic Light, like in  Eduke32?

A: I hope I can do it when I write a new OpenGL2.0 renderer

Q: Will this run on a low-end PC with say a 1.6ghz CPU?

A: Yes. it works on via-c7m (pentium3?) There is a framerate between 30-80fps (120fps max). 30fps when ROR is drawing. Btw, such framerate has eduke32

Q: Would this support the CD music?

A: I didn't find instruments in Java for play music from CD, therefore port will support mp3/ogg and midi music only