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BloodGDX v0.795 (20.11.2018)



1. New libgdx framework (1.9.8) (BuildGDX)
2. Tweaked sprite rendering in polymost (BuildGDX)
3. New OpenAL driver (BuildGDX)
4. New gamepad controlles handler by aybe (BuildGDX)
5. Map CRC32 check
6. ROR Fixes
7. OpenAL resampler options
8. New keyboard setup menu, reset to classic keys and default "wsad" keys
9. Overlay map
10. Start singleplayer game fixed after multiplayer then host disconnected the game
11. CoopView in teammode fixed
12. Can't drop fused TNT/SprayCan after Revive player fix
13. Sound from viewed player fix
14. CrystallBall crash after load user episode fix
15. Vanilla Mode if you want to see old original bugs
16. Encreased savegame file version!