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BuildGDX v1.07 (21.02.2020)



1. Legend of the Seven Paladins support

2. BuildGDX
    1. Main window frame rearchitecture (to support Android, Lwjgl2, Lwjgl3)
    2. Software renderer drawalls ( fixed
    3. New file handling code
    4. MenuFileBrowser improved

3. PowerslaveGDX
    1. Official demo support
    2. Subtitles toggle
    3. User addons support (in a folder or zip archive)
    4. Enemy roar sound frequency increased
    5. The map will be shown before starting the first level
    6. Skipping intro will skip to Skullhead instead of the main menu
    7. Publisher logo changed to PIE
    8. Shadows type toggle (circular/projected)

4. RedneckGDX
    1. Ending cutscenes background color fixed
    2. Statistics text scale fixed
    3. External and midi music options have been removed
    4. Alcohol green indicator fixed
    5. RR66 addon episodes selection fixed

5. DukeGDX
    1. Official addons submenu in the episode selection menu