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BuildGDX v1.11 (3.06.2020)



low performance near walls that use sky texture fixed
screen dimming after deleting a save in software fixed
underwater reverb after exiting a level fixed
lots of crash fixes 

Shadow Warrior:
crash when dying with open inventory fixed
added sound for the girls
flashbang now makes everything go white
autoaim can be changed in SP without restarting a map
fixed submerging with crouch toggle button
invisible key on Crazy Train (TD) fixed
unreachable secret on Warehouse (TD) fixed
unreachable secret on Military Base (WD) fixed
medium HUD added
auto switch weapons on pickup option added

wrong voxels offsets fixed
added definefileid/rffdefineid def token
improved aim

grenade throwing with power up fixed
sector lighting not affecting sprites fixed
damage after jumping over lava fixed 

Duke 3D:
medium HUD added

CD audio now works