Build ART Files Editor v2.1 (1.07.2020)



* Export to DEF feature
* Config file (saves settings and last folder between sessions)
* Save all button/hotkey (saves open art and dat files)
* Shift tile left/right buttons/hotkeys
* Select all button/hotkey
* Ion Fury ART support
* Cryptic Passage AR_ support
* Signed int checksum
* Automatically open surface/voxel/palette DAT if found
* Open DAT files shown in the title bar
* Move tile browser to the top when new ART is opened
* Fixed view/surface cloning bug
* Fixed batch exporting if one of the tiles is empty
* When batch exported, tiles will have their tilenum in the name
* Fixed importing order of files with numerals in names
* Fixed toolips drawing behind canvas
* Other GUI changes


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BuildGDX Release v1.16 (with JRE)
Windows 64bit only
BuildGDX Release v1.16
BAFEd v2.20
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