BuildGDX v1.16 (05.12.2021)



* New renderer - PolyGDX (doesn't support skyboxes, multitextures yet)
* MD Model renders don't use sprite x/yoffset like with voxels (You must add this in def-script)
* New renderer changing algorithm - if the renderer don't initialize, it will automatically switched to software renderer.
* ZIP file access in Linux is fixed
* Overheadmap default algorithm is changed.
* Unsafe methods in texture and file loading is deleted.
* Other accumulative bugs fixes.
* Autoload folder will be created automatically if "Enable autoload folder" checkbox is activated
* Command-line parameter support: -path "gamepath", -silent (starts the game without showing launcher frame)
* GOG version crash fixed (
* Intro's subtitles offset is fixed
* "Show intro" is added to main menu
* Intro movie can be skipped by ESC button only
* CD music is searching in "MUSIC" folder too
* World Tour version is now working on Linux
* Initialization WT when English local not found crash is fixed.
* Voodoodoll switch weapon fix
* Colored messages
* HUD scaling is disable.
* MARIO cheat description
* JOJO effect don't break classic renderer after death
* Blood: Fresh supply Cryptic Passage addon support
* Overheadmap zoom speed is fixed
* Auto-aim on the boats is fixed
* Sumos spawn in multiplayer is fixed
* Grenades wall bouncing is fixed
* Darts pickup message is fixed
* FOV settings don't affect to camera screen
* SWTREK cheat description
* Translucent yinyang overlay in menus is removed


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BuildGDX Release v1.16 (with JRE)
Windows 64bit only
BuildGDX Release v1.16
BAFEd v2.20
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