BloodGDX v0.797 (14.12.2018)



BloodGDX v0.797 (14 December 2018)

1. saveConfig at first launch crash fix (When back to options menu)
2. Sequenser not open crash fix
3. Capslock / Pause key fixed
4. New weapon sounds code (tommygun issue)
5. Fps text scale in Interface menu
6. Turnaround on moving sectors fixed
7. Turnaround in vanilla mode fix
8. Underwater ROR fix and when see to upper ROR from water
9. Crystal ball orientation fix
10. Other crosshair scaling algorithm
11. Autoload and quicksave not visible in savegame menu now
12. Overhead map settings: full only, overlay only, full and overlay
13. Underwater palette after player dead and load last savegame fix
14. Pause key stopping music and sounds now
15. Overheadmap interpolation
16. New screenshots filename
17. Teams friendly fire on/off
18. Choosable teams
19. Placed life leech in multiplayer issue fixed
20. Frag limit for bloodbath and teams.

And WitchavenGDX v0.700 (14 December 2018)

1. Libgdx framwork updated to 1.9.8
2. New OpenAL version 1.18.1 with resampler filter
3. WhGDX is playable now
4. New game loop (for multiplayer in future)
5. New menu
6. Crash fixes
7. AI refactoring
8. Start cutscene support





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