BuildGDX v1.03 (17.05.2019)



v1.03 (17 May 2019)
1. Gamepad sensitivity increased
2. Fps limit increased
3. Gamepad menu keys tweak
4. Updatable file browser
5. Config's file settings sorted
6. Hires textures load fix
7. BloodGdx v0.952
7.1. Custom difficulty fix
7.2. Gamepad running fix
7.3. CrouchMode tweak
7.4. Akimbo powerup will save in next level when vanilla mode is enabled
7.5. CrystallBall in addons crash fix
7.6. Crash fixes
8. DukeGdx and RedneckGdx v1.01
8.1.Invert mouse fix
8.2. CONfile extract requiring is disabled
8.3. Addon like game.con save fix
8.4.Crash fixes
9. TekwarGdx v0.951
9.1. Turn speed fix


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BuildGDX Release v1.16 (with JRE)
Windows 64bit only
BuildGDX Release v1.16
BAFEd v2.20
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