Build ART Files Editor v2.0 (05.07.2019)



I have released the new version of my BAFed.

The new BAFed has written almost from zero, so I can't tell exactly about changes. But here are some of them:

1. The interface has been changed and now it is supporting ART files of Blood.
2. Since v2.0 you can choose a few tiles by mouse and export it to a folder. In the import window, you can choose a few files by mouse with pushed a Ctrl-button.
3. ART files saving feature have been rewritten, therefore ART files of Blood are also supporting now and it's not changing start tile of ART depended on a filename.
4. BAFed is supporting voxel.dat and surface.dat files of Blood.
5. BAFed is supporting the clipboard. You can copy any picture to the clipboard and paste it in BAFed and vice versa - you can copy a chosen tile to the clipboard and paste it in any graphical editor.
6. Animated tiles are highlighting in the tile list.
7. You can fast switch between ART files by "File" menu from an ART list.
8. Quantity of included palettes has been increased.
9. Resizeable thumbnails in the tile list.
10. Thumbnails autozoom feature
11. Tile crc32 info (for def-scripts)
12. Tile palette converting feature has been deleted.
13. *.ini script file import feature has been deleted.



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