BuildGDX v1.06 (20.12.2019)



1. BuildGDX
  1. Software renderer some crashes fixed
  2. ViewToTile optimization
  3. FOV increased to 140
  4. (5 : 4) resolutions support
  5. loadPic crash fixed
2. PowerslaveGDX
  1. FuncPlayer "ERROR in Ken's linked list!" fixed
  2. FuncScorp crashes fixed
  3.GrabMap pickup fixed
  4. Subtitles to intro movie added
  5. Grenade bugs fixed
3. BloodGDX
  1. ROR distortion sound fixed
  2. actDamageSprite lifeleech fixed
  3. Auto-aim to spiders
  4. Crashes fixed
4. RedneckGDX
  1. Lose weapons going from Sunny Shores to Gamblin Boat is fixed
5. WitchavenGDX
  1. Enemy self-damage don't affect player health



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BuildGDX Release v1.06 (with JRE)
BuildGDX Release v1.06





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