BuildGDX v1.08 (1.04.2020)




Witchaven II support

Duke 20th Anniversary World Tour full support


1. BuildGDX:
  FOV isn't resetting to 90 if it's bigger than 130

2. BloodGDX:
  Powerup timer
  Typing font has been changed to look like as in the original game

  Polymost renderer bright tweak
  Spells that you don't have, won't show in HUD
  Added player's inertia
  Activated rings and powerups are showing in HUD
  AI flee movement improved

4. DukeGDX:
  Gamepad aiming speed increased
  Random weapon switching fixed
  Improved the official addons searching algorithm
  Software gamma resetting fixed

5. TekwarGDX:
  Cue CDTracks support (ogg music)
  Cutscenes skipping fix
  Added menu mouse cursor size
  Button-searching algorithm improved (easier to push buttons)

6. RedneckGDX:
  RRRA / RR Psychoskill fix (respawn monsters and vermins left: N\A)
  Moonshine icon disappears after using if nothing in inventory
  Gamepad aiming speed increased
  RRRA Statistics screen fix
  Software gamma resetting fixed

7. PowerslaveGDX:
  Gamepad aiming speed increased
  Free grenade overflow fix
  ThrowGrenade fix option
  Wasp sound option
  Weapon powerup flickering normalize
  Rats avoid water, spiders don't drown

  MusicType isn't resetting to midi
  clipmove( crash fixed
  Fixed the crash when you open a loadgame menu in software render. (Software.qinterpolatedown16short(
  Exits on the map will show if it's enabled in the menu (green sectors). The right (map+1) exit will be flickering
  Gamepad inversion, move speed fix
  Projectiles spam is switchable



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BuildGDX Release v1.16 (with JRE)
Windows 64bit only
BuildGDX Release v1.16
BAFEd v2.20
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