BuildGDX v1.01 (29.03.2019)




BuildGDX has BloodGDX now, so I released a new version :)

v1.01 (29 March 2019)
1. BuildFont draw non-standart symbols crash fix
2. BloodGDX v0.950
2-1. Load zip UserEpisodes in subfolders fix
2-2. SlopeTilt reset after load game fix
2-3. HiRes texture rescaling fix
2-4. Def "mainmenu" music script can use midi
2-5. Custom voxels rotate fix
2-6. Enemies shadow orientation fix
2-7. Palette exception for cultists in color xsectors
2-8. Sprites drawing behind mirror fix
3. WitchavenGDX v0.951
3-1. Def-script loading fix







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