BuildGDX v1.02 (24.04.2019)



 Hi! BuildGdx now supports all of my ports and DukeGdx. I separated BuildGdx on two versions: with JRE and without JRE (just with jar file). Also, I opened the source codes of all my ports. You can see it here:

v1.02 (24 April 2019)
1. Crash fixes
2. Improved interpolation in multiplayer
3. Improved addons checking algorithm for multiplayer (BloodGdx, DukeGdx, RedneckGdx)
4. BuildGdx has a version number now (current is 19.04)
5. DukeGdx v1.00
6. RedneckGdx v1.00
6-1. Weapon drop after dead in multiplayer fixed
6-2. RRRA E1L1 destruct wall in secret place fixed
6-3. Moving door after load game fixed
6-4. Quick pee don't resurrect the player anymore
6-5. FakeBubba after load game fixed
6-6. Added end cutscene in RRRA
7. TekwarGdx
7.1 - Added extra cutscenes to intro
8. BloodGdx
8-1. Shareware version supported
8-2. Gamepad's keys saving fix
8-3. CutsceneA in 4th episode fix


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BuildGDX Release v1.04 (with JRE)
BuildGDX Release v1.04





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