Blood Crossmatching
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BloodCM projects is finished and I don't support it now.

I started this on January 14, 2008, with the goal of reimplementing Blood (by Monolith software) on eDuke32 port, with which it shares the engine. That requires converting all Blood resources to Duke3d format and recreating the missing game mechanics. The idea of remaking Blood went to me when I tried to have a Cooperative game with friends. I didn't find a version of Blood which would run on modern computers, so I decided to remake it myself. At first, I wanted to remake just maps, leaving Duke3d mechanics untouched. Later on, I read about eDuke32 port, which offers reach script extensions and thus more !stuff! for port and total conversions. The first thing I did was recreating the Blood HUD under eDuke, and I managed to make it perfectly identical. Seeing the power eDuke32 scripts offer, I decided to proceed with full conversion. 

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BuildGDX Release v1.07 (with JRE)
Windows 64bit only
BuildGDX Release v1.07





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