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BloodGDX - is more perspecive project then BloodCM. I started reverse-engeneering of original blood.exe, because I successfuly found main BuildEngine methods such as rotatesprite, drawsprites, drawrooms etc. In this way, I had got 50% of Blood source code and 20% of methods I found in alpha version source code (some methods are without changes). Also alpha source code helpt me with figuration of my decompiled code.

My Blood port is based on Java's libgdx framework and can reading all of original Blood maps and original Blood resources and playing as original Blood at this time(perhaps there is have a difference between Blood v1.21 and my port, because I working on decompilation of v1.00 (v1.00 is more readable after reverse-engeneering than v1.21)

After my first release of BloodGDX I can start to fix graphics bugs, rewrite renderer and writing models/voxels and hires textures support.



Q: Is it related to the stone gargoyle crouching bug? Can that be fixed

A: Maybe I can, but it will be not a "Blood" gargoyle, and it will be impossible to compare recorded demos from original game. Comparing demos - is the only way to make BloodGDX indistinguishable from the original game, therefore I will not fix such bugs at this time. Maybe in long-long future. 

Q:Are you planning to make the multiplayer part of the game?

A: I planning it, but I haven't expirience with multiplayer programming. Its not easy, but maybe I can make it too

Q:Will we be able to play gdxblood in higher widescreen resolutions like 720p or 1080p?

A: Any window-application support any video resolution, of cource, my port isn't an exception. My port support all of video resolutions, but it still looks like 320x200, because its just scretched out.

Q:Do we get to choose between software/openGL/direct3d?

A: Libgdx support only OpenGL, therefore - no. But maybe I will make new renderer at future, and it will possible to switch between OpenGL1.0 and OpenGL2.0

About software renderer: It was written in assembler, I just don't waste my time to decode this language

Q:Is there a way for us peons to donate to the cause?

A: I have donate button in my site (m210.duke4.net) there is a paypal button in the lower right corner of the site (under random screenshots)

Q:Is there going to have any Dynamic Light, like in  Eduke32 ?

A: I hope I can do it, when rewrote a renderer to OpenGL2.0

Q:Will this let you play mods like Death Wish and Bloody Pulp Fiction?

A: Yes, my port is a almost 100% copy of original Blood and my port can all what original Blood can.

Q:Will include voxel and polygon 3D models?

A: Yes, but later. My based target - decopilaton of original Blood and I don't want to be distracted on hires features, other "beautifullis" or renderer bugs. I will make it after first release.

Q:What about enemies AI? You made it just by watching their behaviour or you decomposed game files somehow?

A: AI as in original, because it is original reverse-engeneered code)...Alpha src just helps me issue my code and helpt to found such methods in decompiled exe file. Basic of my port is Blood v.1.00 and at last time I compare my code with code of v1.21 and make amedments (corrections)if this necessary

Q:Will this run on a low end PC with say a 1.6ghz CPU?

A: Yes. it works on via-c7m (pentium3?) There is framerate between 30-80fps (120fps max). 30fps when ROR is drawing. Btw, such framerate has eduke32

Q:Would this support the CD music?

A:I don't found instruments in Java for play music from CD, therefore port will support mp3/ogg and midi music only



About my site
Welcome to my page. My name is Alexander Makarov aka [M210®]. I was born in Khabarovsk, Russia, on December 10th 1987. Now I live in Moscow, I am in the 3-rd year of the Moscow State University of the Geodesy and Cartography (МИИГАиК). My hobbies are programming and creation of levels for favourite games, like Unreal, Serious Sam, Half-Life etc. This is how I got this idea to make a small site about all my activities in map-building and game modding. Initially, the site covered the legendary Unreal, but after a while I have decided to collect all the stuff I did for games.
The site opened in February 11th, 2008 and by this time 4 times has been subject to design processing. Hopefully, the site will progressively improve over time and one day you will find my site useful and pleasant to the eye. Thanks for visiting!smile


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