RedneckGDX v0.760 (18.10.2018)



1. Autoload folder can load resources as cusspack
2. Addons and Rides Again support
3. Torches fix
4. Cow "use" fix
5. Apply anisotropy fix
6. Alcohol / gut meter in minihud
7. Colored keys option
8. RR skill5 without load/save (original game feature)
9. Bug fixes

Update (28.09.2018)




I reupload RedneckGDX 0.752, because I forgot to delete temporaly code. So, you need to download it again

RedneckGDX v0.750 (10.09.2018)



I'm released my first port of Redneck Rampge. Rides Again not support yet, RR1 and RR66 only.

RedneckGDX using new version of Libgdx - 1.9.8. My other ports also will have this version at future

RedneckGDX v0.752 (27.09.2018)



1. Load Some VOC files crash fix
2. Quick_pee and "Yeehaa" button
3. Weapon low ammo change fix
4. Cheats
5. Green vixel shoot fix
6. OpenAL updated to 1.18.1

BloodGDX v0.794 (16.07.2018)



1. Crash fixes
2. Added packets per second limit in multiplayer

RedneckGDX v0.751 (15.09.2018)



1. Crash and bugs fixes
2. Colored keys

BloodGDX v0.793 (12.07.2018)



1. Сlassic multiplayer
2. File path fix should working on Linux now
3. Some cases dynamic fire fix
4. AI flee damage sectors
5. Check for updates checkbox
6. NoEnemies console command
7. Palette and sound reverb fix after load game with enabled reflectiveShots or divingSuit
8. New drunk effect
9. Keyboard setup delete buttonfunc crash fix when nothing choosed
10. Broken smk file crash fix (will not load)
11. (Sound) FindChannel() can't find free channel fix
12. BloodGDX should work on JRE9 and JRE10 now


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