BloodGDX v0.765 (25.05.2017)



1. Fixed bounced animated sprites

2. 40 symbols text input crash fixed

3. global mouse sensitive inverted fix

4. added floor explode animation for remote and prox tnt

BloodGDX v0.763 (23.05.2017)



1. I rewrote mouse moving code, now it would be a bit better.  Low movements still bad

2. Fixed some crashes

Try it.

BloodGDX - almost done (07.05.2017)



Hi there :) At first, I'm a bit rename my port, it's will be called BloodGDX now.

My port is almost done, there is some problems with priority of sounds, and some bugs.So, I will make a first release very soon. 

BloodGDX - almost done video

BloodGDX v0.761 (22.05.2017)



1. can't detect some user-ini files fix

2. actDistanceDamage( crash fixed

3. viewProcessSprites( crash fixed

4. InitMirrors( crash fixed

5. added more information for h == null throw error (unknown error yet)

6. added nore information for drawalls( crash (unknown error yet)

7. dosetaspect( crash fixed, max screen resolution is 4096x3072 now 

8. AL10.nalGetError() should be fixed

gdxBlood, sounds (24.04.2017)



I start to reverse-engeneering a Blood sound system and made a some success for desktop version of gdxBlood.

I already decompiled sndStartSample, sfxCreate3DSound, sfxStart3DSound, sfxKill3DSound, sfxUpdate3DSounds and sfxProcess. There is very same as in alpha version of blood. Also I noticed, that those methods using FX-MAN library and it was help me with decompilation. 

At this time my port already can read SFX and RAW data from SOUNDS.RFF and playing it in one sound channel without locate position.

Continue my working :)

BloodGDX - first release v0.75 (19.05.2017)



Well, I made a first release of it. It can be called as beta, therefore app may can crashes. If you get a crash, see the log file (bloodgdx.log) or launch jar file in console mode: java -jar bloogdx.jar

Download the release you can here: BloodGDX

I hope you will enjoy it :) And now I can working a bit slowly :))

gdxBlood port status (10.04.2017)



Hi all! Well, I completed AI part of my port. The next step - tests, fix a bugs and writing sound system. When I complete it- I will release my port :) That's all at this time.

I made a video with some AI demonstrations: Have a nice day :)


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