WitchavenGDX Test beta (v0.500) (16.03.2018)




Hi! I released a beta test of my Witchaven port. Port still haven't normal menu and settings, but in config file you can setup all what you want. (Config file will available after first start of the port) 

TekwarGDX v0.750 (16.02.2018)




1. HMP Music support
2. Hires textures/Models support
3. Console
4. Interpolation
5. Cutscenes (without sounds yet)
6. Menu rebuilded
7. New load/save file format with screenshots
8. HUD scaling
9. Saving weapons after change map
10. New game fix
11. Quick load/save game

BloodCM 12.2016 released! (25.12.2016)



Well, I think I fixed a lot of bugs and now I can make a release. Check it :) So, I don't planning to make the Crypic Passage episode, because I started write the Blood port, which I called gdxBloodCM. My progress with Blood port you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVJBI377HTs . Animation of weapon and Zombie enemy are playing from SEQ and QAV files. So, At this time my port can read RFF files (all versions except alpha version), SEQ files, QAV files, PLU files and standart build files. After read map file, my port spawns player sprite with addition extra information. 

That's all, and Happy New Year, guys :) 

Duke4.net subforum (20.06.2017)



Hi! I registered a subforum on duke4.net for general discussion or bug reports. It will be for more convenient now :) 

I made a forum link in the main menu of my site.

News from 29.11.2016



I made all of Plasma Pack maps, but needs to find and fix some bugs. Besides I'm going to make a new enemies from Plasma Pack episode. GreenPod and FirePod are completed today. 

BloodCM - it's a mod for eDuke32, don't forget it (8.01.2017)



Hi all! I recomend to use eDuke32 r5597, you can download it here: Dukeworld.duke4.net

Newer versions of eDuke32 have a lot of bugs and problems as no midi music

And all graphics bugs are you seen, it's a problem of eDuke32. I never fix it and I can't, because Im not an eDuke32 developer.

A bit closer to release (02.11.2016)



Hi! Well, I think, I completed Zombie AI, Innocent AI and Thernobog AI now. The next step - making a PlasmaPak episode. That's all :)


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