BloodGDX v0.769 (24.06.2017)




1. mouse axisY is more smooth now

2.  projectiles fly higher in the parallaxed skies

3. checkwarping fix with non-linked upper and lower stacks

4. voxel preload fix

5. overheadmap broken sectors drawing fix

6.  mario cheat without numbers will end the level

7. loi cutscenes crash fix

8. saves game from v1.21 support

9. voxel loading bug fixed

10. fixed enemies died from lava keep running infinitely in flames

11. sector bobfloor fix (darkwood crash)

12. HOM on smaller screensizes fix

13. electrocution death of monster was sometimes caused by shotgun fixed

14.  fixed crash when trying to load an empty file map

15.fixed zombies' broken attack in some cases

16. some voxel floating in the air fix

17. "fire" effect now working with all palettes

18. voxels palette change fix

19. statues(dudes) push fix

20. items shade correct now

16. some voxel floating in the air fix

17. "fire" effect now working with all palettes

18. voxels palette change fix

19. statues(dudes) push fix

20. items shade correct now subforum (20.06.2017)



Hi! I registered a subforum on for general discussion or bug reports. It will be for more convenient now :) 

I made a forum link in the main menu of my site.

Voxel support will be in next release (09.06.2017)


I completed a voxel rendering today. It's just a test voxel with id = 0 for tile ='s need to make a loader now ("voxels.dat and *.kvx).


BloodGDX v0.768 (16.06.2017)




1. Voxels support

2. Dynamic fire is workng now (tile = 2342)

3. Added cutscenes (without sounds yet)

4. Palette >= 128 crash fix

5. Added ingamecrash (empty map or player not in a sector)

6. Cerberus AiSetTarget() fix

7. Bat's death sound fix

8. Pink color in non-transparent textures fix

9. Invalid textover command doesn't crash the game

10. Added load screen before loadgame

11. Slope tilting added

12. Player turnAround fix

13. Added akimbo tesla

14. Alpha maps can now be launched

15. Pushable statues fix

16. Dynamite alt-fire sound fixed

17. Some other fixes

BloodGDX v0.766 (4.06.2017)



Please update to this version at near future!

1. Added GUI lancher with version check

2. Fixed some crashes

3. Fixed life essense and akimbo item sounds

4. Added time delay in statistics screen

5. All savefiles and config file now stored in user.home folder

6. You can put usermaps in "MAPS" subfolder

7. Userepisodes detecting in subfolders now (ini file and map files must be in same folder)


At first you need to copy all your savegames in a new user.home folder, therefore you need click to "open appdata" button and copy savefiles in opened folder. Or you can find this folder here: "/Users/*username*/M210Projects/BloodGDX/

Cutscenes support (10.06.2017)



So, I'm succesfully added smk-cutscenes to my port :) There is a some palette problems, video thread problems and no sounds yet. It's need to fix this problems and write a handler for playing cutscenes at start and end of episode. I think cutscenes also will works in the next release :)


I'm still searching for a cause of this crash:

gView.pSprite == null

ThrowError: NullPointerException:  ru.m210projects.Blood.View.viewDrawScreen(

BloodGDX v0.765 (25.05.2017)



1. Fixed bounced animated sprites

2. 40 symbols text input crash fixed

3. global mouse sensitive inverted fix

4. added floor explode animation for remote and prox tnt


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