BloodGDX v0.784 (12.12.2017)



1. Game crash fix when trying change volume in main menu
2. Game crash fix on levels without a music track when "external" music type enabled
3. Turkish language symbols fix (Blood resources not found)
4. OpenAL Error fix (stop music)

BloodGDX v0.783 (11.12.2017)



1. OGG Music support
2. Minor bug fixes
3. New sound settings menu (check your sound settings)
4. Definition script for hires music
5. Def scripts case sensitive fix
6. Map info settings show map / show map and author info
7. Console text scale command ("osdtextscale")
8. Console spawndude command
9. New SoundLoop algorithm
10. Digital mouse axis feature
11. Custom difficulty

BloodGDX v0.780 (09.11.2017)



Ok, finaly I released version BloodGDX 0.780. There is a more that 40 changes, therefore if you want, you can read changelog in readme file in archive :) 

BloodGDX v0.782 (03.12.2017)



1. Console with some functions
2. Fix some sfxdriver crashes
3. Fix "Click sound" at start of the wav file
4. CutsceneB stopsound fix (no sound in cutscene fix)

BloodGDX v0.779 (02.10.2017)



1. Game lags with fps limit fix
2. Sprites velocity fix after load game
3. Life leech alt-fire fix
4. Cryptic passage userarts picanm fix
5. End screen credits timer fix
6. QFN fonts fix after reload user art files
7. Blood gibs animation fix
8. Portable mode

BloodGDX v0.781 (13.11.2017)



1. FileMap relative path fix for Linux
2. Sound/music not initializing crash protect
3. Underwater weapon change fix
4. XSector data signed -> unsigned (Crusher BloodLines E3M1 bug)

BloodGDX v0.778 (29.09.2017)



1. Engine refactoring
2. User episodes savegame fix
3. Keyboard setup pgup/pgdn, home/end fix
4. Black fps fixed
5. Cutscenes in Blood.ini path correct


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