BloodGDX v0.776 (11.09.2017)





1. Linux launch crash fix
2. Autorun with hold shift disabling
3. Strafe key hold fix
4. Slope aim with autoaim fix
5. Added trilinear texture filter, anisotropy
6. Temporaly z-fighting amendment for sprites (for NVidia cards)
7. Cutscenes sounds

BloodGDX v0.775 (07.09.2017)




1. Dublicate buttons check in keyboard setup
2. Hires texture not found crash fix
3. Mouse buttons setup in "configure setup" now (Support 10 mouse buttons now)
4. New fog calculation
5. Screenshot and log file saving in user folder now
6. Holsted weapon change fix
7. Fixed savegame name after save
8. Dynamic fire updating in ROR fix
9. Beast health fix
10. Cultist search radius fix
11. Cultist shotgun callback changed (demo sync)
12. Cultist duck fix
13. Innocent health fix
14. actGenerateThinkFX zcoord fix
15. dudeInfo data plasmapak change
16. Zombie overhead chance fix
17. Autoaim to things fix
18. Added Cryptic Passage checkbox
19. MD2 models support
20. MD3 models support
21. HUD models drawing support
22. (Sound) some SFX files not found fix
23. Voxels VAO rendering
24. Better aim for projectiles
25. Fixed aim on slope surfaces
26. Wrong savefile version protection
27. Surface sound fix

BloodGDX v0.772 (08.08.2017)




1. lifeleech plasmapak's alt-fire
2. napalm launcher plasmapak's alt-fire
3. voodoo doll plasmapak's alt-fire
4. BloodGDX will save game in v1.21 file format (can load in original plasma pak v1.21)
5. refactroing load/save methods
6. tommygun altfire lowammo fix
7. player stayTime count fix (demo sync)
8. player aim count fix (demo sync)
9. projectiles autoAim fix (demo sync)
10. tommygun bullet tweaks (demo sync)
11. burning damage fix (demo sync)
12. wall.type=511 nextwall trigger fix
13. midi synth choosing

BloodGDX v0.774 (13.08.2017)




1. Hires sprites fix
2. Hires Glow and detail mapping support
3. Deleted InsertPlayer again :)
4. Some synthetic crashes fix
5. Added hires skybox for Cryptic Passage

BloodGDX v0.771 (19.07.2017)




1. ROR rendering fix (major fix, need testing)

2. gView.pSprite == null fix (crash after insert player and load game) 

3. skybox and hires textures support

4. added "show statistic" option in game setup menu

BloodGDX v0.773 (10.08.2017)




1. Alpha masked sprites draw fix
2. MidiDevice launch crash fix
3. Load game init mirrors fix
4. Akimbo tesla weapon change fix
5. Fillpolygon globalpal crash

BloodGDX v0.770 (11.07.2017)




1. AIBAT crash fix 

2. slopeTilting lookup fix

3. added "cheatsOn" text in statisticScreen

4. canMove hitscan vector have some changes

5. tileLoadVoxel(-1) crash fix

6. added statistics in HUD

7. moveDude GetZRange sky flag added (gargoyles fly to skies fix)

8. animated voxels support

9. fixed flip-sprite voxels

10. rewrited DrawMirrors method

11. dude's shadow draw fix

12. weapon horizoff fix

13. switch weapondata in low ammo case updated from v1.21

14. after load game dude's health not reset

15. widescreen support

16. ingame fullscreen switch mouse fix

17. slope tilting interpolated now


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